Elle Vee - Turn The Lights Out (Confirmed Britney Demo)

Elle Vee - Turn The Lights Out (Confirmed Britney Demo)

Britney Spears
(possible outtake)
Recorded 2015
Leaked November 15, 2015
Genre Pop
Label RCA
Writer Elle Vee

Turn The Lights Out is an unreleased song by Britney Spears. It was (possibly) outtaked from Spears' ninth studio album, Glory. It is written by Elle Vee. The demo version has been uploaded online being sung by Elle Vee, and confirmed for probable use by Britney on Glory. The song was, however, scrapped.


On September 26, 2015, Elle Vee, who has worked with Spears posted a demo with her vocals confirmed for use on Spears' next studio album, called "Turn The Lights Out". [1] Many references to Spears' previous songs were noted such as the lyric "gimme more", "early mornin'" and "in the zone". [2]

It was uploaded to YouTube by a fan on November 15, 2015 and reached popularity with Britney fans worldwide. [3]


Beating in my chest
You get the best of me
When there's nothing left
You keep the rest of me
I am falling for, falling for
Everything you do
Gimme, gimme more
Gimme more
Take me, take me with you

When I want it, I'm on it
I'm on it
(Take me home)
No game
I'm all the way
I won't play
I'm in the zone

You want a ride
Don't take your time
Drop it, drop it low baby
Let's start the show baby

Tonight I'm ready to go
So what'chu waiting for
Tonight I'm on the floor
So what'chu waiting for
(Turn the lights out)
Turn the lights out

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