Released Never released
2005 - originally
Label JIVE Records
Singles from Original Doll
  1. "Mona Lisa"
    Released: December 30, 2004 (radio) & September 27, 2005 (officially)

Original Doll is the "forbidden album" of Spears, that was never released. In the place of this album, In The Zone was released as a more radio-friendly version of it.

Track listEdit

According to songs and demos released during the time period, unofficial...

  1. Mona Lisa
  2. Someday (I Will Understand)
  3. Do Somethin'
  4. And Then We Kiss
  5. Rebellion
  6. Money, Love, Happiness
  7. Over to You Now
  8. My Prerogative
  9. Let Go
  10. Baby Boy
  11. All That She Wants
  12. Hit The Floor (Get It)
  13. I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)
  14. Sugarfall


In November 2003, Spears told Entertainment Weekly that she was writing songs for her next album. Soon after, producer Henrik Jonback confirmed that he had written songs with her ​​during the European leg of her "Onyx Hotel Tour" on the bus and in his hotel room between shows.

On December 30, 2004, Spears made ​​a surprise appearance in the radio station of Los Angeles KIIS-FM to release a demo of a new midtempo song titled "Mona Lisa". Spears had recorded the song live with her band during the tour. The song talks of the fall of the Mona Lisa, calling her "unforgettable" and "unpredictable" and warns listeners that she will not have a "collapse." But after this release, JIVE Records announced that while Spears had been working in the studio, "no album [was] scheduled for the moment" and there were "no plans to serve 'Mona Lisa' to radio stations."

Original Doll was never released, as it was Spears's 'forbidden album' that was more in-depth to her sadness in life. JIVE did not allow her to release it, which angered her. Soon after, In The Zone was released as a more radio-friendly version of "Original Doll" with some of the less-deep songs from the "Original Doll" project included.

Release historyEdit

Country Date Type
United States December 30, 2004

One-time radio play by Los Angeles KIIS-FM

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