Britney Spears - Little Me (For My Sister..01:06

Britney Spears - Little Me (For My Sister...) (Snippet)

Britney Spears
Unknown album outtake
Recorded possibly 2005 or 2006
Leaked April 7, 2006 (snippet)
Length 1:05 (Original snippet)
Label Jive
Writer Britney Spears

Little Me is an unreleased song by Britney Spears.

Background Edit

A one minute snippet leaked via Spears' official website in 2006. It's known alternatively as "For My Sister", "To My Sister" and "Just Yesterday". It's dedicated to her younger sister Jamie Lynn.

Lyrics Edit

Just yesterday
You were looking up to me
And you would ask me what I thought

But now I'm sitting here
All alone with my tears
Lookin' at my life
That I've bought

Where did I go? (yeah)
My eyes, they will show

Little me,
Please forgive me
I couldn't see
You hurting inside

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