In 2000, Britney Spears signed a contract with soft-drink company Pepsi. Spears has recorded a variety of promotional singles and filmed a variety of commercials. Two promotional albums were also released. Spears parted with the company in 2004.

Promotional albums Edit


Ask for More Edit

These promotional albums, released sometime in 2001, are a part of Pepsi's Ask for More series. They feature commercials "The Joy Of Pepsi", "Right Now (Taste the Victory)" and "Pepsi Generation". They are available to buy online and very rare collector's items.

Various Pepsi Music 2004 Dare For More

Pepsi Music 2004 (Dare for More) Edit

This promotional CD was released in 2004, with Spears, Pink, Beyoncé and her sister Solange, JC and Enrique Iglesias featured. The track listing is:

  1. Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Pink - "We Will Rock You" - Iglesias appears in the commercial recorded for the song.
  2. Pink - "Trouble"
  3. Beyoncé - "Me, Myself & I" (Remix)
  4. Britney Spears - "Me Against the Music" (Remix)
  5. Enrique Iglesias - "Addicted" (Remix)
  6. Solange - "Sky Away"
  7. JC - "Everything You Want"

The album also features behind the scenes footage and downloads "and much more!".

Commercials Edit

"The Joy Of Pepsi" Edit

The commercial was released in 2001, and features Spears dancing in a Pepsi factory with the song playing in the background. The commercial caused controversy due to Spears jerking off in one scene. The scene is then followed by a Pepsi bottle "ejaculating".

"Right Now (Taste the Victory)" Edit

The commercial was released in 2002. It features Spears playing football and FIFA footballers such as David Beckham.

"Pepsi Generation" Edit

The commercial was released in 2001. It features Spears and other people drinking Pepsi throughout the decades. The commercial is split into five segments: "Doo Whop" (used in the 50's segment), "American Dance" (used in the 60's segment), "Surf's Up/Flower Power" (used in the 70's segment), "Simply Irresistible" (used in the 80's segment) and "New Millenium" (used in 2001's segment). The commercial concludes with Spears saying "Pepsi! For those who think young!", which is the commercial's slogan.Oddly, the commercial doesn't feature a the 90's segment.

"We Will Rock You" Edit

The commercial was released in 2004. It features Pink, Beyonce and Spears refusing to fight in a gladiator arena and sing a cover of Queen's song of the same name. Enrique Iglesias makes a cameo appearence in the video.

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