Released 2001
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Singles from Ask for More
"The Joy Of Pepsi"
Released: 2001
"Right Now (Taste the Victory)"
Released: 2001

Ask for More is a series of promotional albums by Britney Spears, released in 2001, for the Pepsi: Ask for More ad campaign.

Contents Edit

US CD Edit

  1. "Right Now (Taste the Victory)"
  2. "Crossroads" Trailer
  3. Behind the Scenes at "The Joy Of Pepsi" Video Shoot
  4. Interview
  5. Photo Gallery
  6. Biography
  7. Screensaver

Germany CD Edit

  1. "Stronger" (Miguel 'Migs' Vocal Mix)
  2. "Overprotected" Snippet
  3. Interview
  4. eJay Mix Station
  5. Screensaver
  6. Photo Gallery

Australia CD Edit

  1. "Stronger" (Miguel 'Migs' Vocal Mix)
  2. "I'm A Slave 4 U" Snippet
  3. "That Girl" (performed by Hayley)[1]

Other artworks Edit


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