...Baby One More Time (U.S Cover)

...Baby One More Time (U.S Cover)

Here are the songs off ...Baby One More Time. Each song has its own lyrics.

1. ...Baby One More Time (Lyrics)

2. (You Drive Me) Crazy (Lyrics)

3. Sometimes (Lyrics)

4. Soda Pop (Lyrics)

5. Born To Make You Happy (Lyrics)

6. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart (Lyrics)

7. I Will Be There (Lyrics)

8. I Will Still Love You (Lyrics)

9. Thinkin' About You (Lyrics)

10. E-Mail My Heart (Lyrics)

11. The Beat Goes On (Lyrics)

12. Deep In My Heart (Lyrics)

13. I'll Never Stop Loving You (Lyrics)

14. Autumn Goodbye (Lyrics)

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